Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~ Home Sweet Home ~

I'd moved to my new house on July 10th, 2 weeks back. Since then, I'm quite bz with rearranging and tidying the house. Just to share some of the pictures of my small little house.

Master Bedroom View

Dining Hall
Dining hall view from living hall
And last but not least, my living hall

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bali Trip 2010 - Part 1

Dah lamer gak tak mengupdate blog . Ermmm,penyakit kemalasan melanda sejak akhir-akhir ni..since x tau nak buat ape di waktu ini, so decided to jot down something in my blog. Topik ape ek??? ok, let me share about my Bali trip aritu.

Something about Bali...Mostly penduduknya beragama Hindu and minoriti je agama Islam. Eventhough beragama Hindu, tp Hindu diaorg tak sama ngan Hindu kat India or Malaysia. Kepercayaan diaorg adalah Tuhan yg satu mcm kita. Diaorg lebih mementingkan alam semulajadi, jadi sepanjang perjalanan tu kita masih dapat melihat pohon-pohon menghijau. Pemandangan laut kat sini sangatlah cantik dan butiran pasir lautnya berbentuk bulat, macam beading tu. Let's enjoy the piccas ya!

Dalam flight, with my fren Shida

Sampai je kat airport, kami di sambut dengan kalungan bunga sebelum naik bas

Ini antara lauk yang dihidangkan. Banyak sangat, lebih kurang 12 jenis sampai tak muat camera

Ni sempat gak, berposing kat restoran Natrabu lepas makan

First place@ Tanah lot temple

Temple ni mmg kat kawasan laut, kat beting pasir

*kat blkg tu ialah temple diaorg sembahyang

2nd day kat tempat lunch

This is one of the ancient temple

One of the lake berbackgroundkan very nice view

Performance from the Balinese Dancers

Dinner time...:)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brother Engagement Day

'Let the picture do the talking' this time. The girl was his old chat mate since they're teenager. Alhamdulillah, the relationship lasts till now and pray that it will lasts till the end..Amin

Monday, May 3, 2010

Homedec 2010

Have you all go to Homedec 2010 last month? It's one of the most event that I've waiting for this year. And finally, it's back again...yeay!!!
For info, actually we're in the period of waiting for the renovation to be complete for our new house. So that, our mission is to find furniture and what not for our new house..;p
I went there on the very first day it launched. Been there with me was my beloved hubby. He's too excited to go for this exhibition. We reach there around 3pm started our explore till 8pm. Wow, what a day...;p Didn't felt we're running out of time. Grab some items we looking for and decided to go again tommorow.
On the very first day, we just grab 3D painting from Kelmarin studio..I fell in love with this painting, eventhough it was not the item in our list...hehehe (biasa la kan, selalu macam tu..lain yg di cari, lain pulak yg dibeli). We put the deposite for roman blind which we find the price quite cheap compared to outside. Mmmm what else ya, we managed to revised the price with Lamex (wall paper), when we found that this year price lower than last year.
And guess what?? We went again for the next day...we placed the deposits for the curtain from Nagoya; and also the security lock (this one saja je, takde keja). We got not much time as we have to drive back to my hometown where we're having my brother engagement on saturday 1.5.10.
I will upload the things that I bought from Homedec in the next post ya. Bye!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flashback on my wedding day...

The ceremony taken place in my hometown in Sungai Petani. It's a duo-wedding which celebrated me and my eldest sister kak nini. Just a small reception but happening..;p We're proud to have all our relatives,neighbours and not forgotten our close friends who came all the way from far or near to be with us. Thank you so much everyone for your time and you guys are appreciated!

Let's have a look at some of the picture:

Welcoming guest to our wedding. Me and Kak Nini standing in front of the stand arch..:)

Some of my posing pictures..

Me with Kak Nini posing while waiting our groom to arrive..

Me, my second sis Kak Jang and Kak Nini..

And lastly me and my hubby during the big day..;p
Ok, I think that's all for now...bye!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm back after a loooong break...

Salam everyone..It's been a looonggg break for me after quite 2 years probably I haven't update my blog. And now, here I come and I'm back everyone...:) So sorry for that period. I'm busy and actually 'saja buat busy' with my life..hehehe and hey, I'm already married ya!

Something to share about marriage life. As for me, it's a new beginning of the real family life. Got few new things to learn and discover. Happy to be with the other half, means my hubby. I'm so greatful to have him as my husband. He is very understanding, supportive and tolerate. We always doing things together. For me the most important thing in marriage life is always be honest all the time. Love him so much!!!
Ermmm...what else to share ya..oh, we didn't go for honeymoon yet since me and hubby busy with work meantime.What to do lor...but we plan to go to either Gold Coast,Australia or Hong Kong, Disneyland. Hopefully we can be there by mid of this year. Pray for us ya..;p

That's all for now..See ya!